Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jett Versus The Tiger Shark

It may not have been the biggest tiger shark in the water with us that day...but at approximately 12 feet long and weighing somewhere between 800 to 900 pounds... one would think it was entirely unsporting of the shark to chomp down on my underwater camera housing while I was still holding on to it. Somehow... I remained calm and managed to fend the shark off. I figured that in its frenzied state it mistook my camera housing for being a tuna head. Anyway... there was no way my life was going to end then and there. Not if I had any say in it. Quite simply... it was not to be. It was not my time.

Alex Mustard, one of the world's top underwater photographers was in the water with me that day and was about 15 feet away. It is a testament to his humanity that, despite possessing enormous photographic talent, he could not snap a picture of me vs the shark. Pity, as it would have made a great keepsake. The picture above is one of the shark just as it was about to open its mouth.

"I was next to Jett on the line.
Wow. That tiger shark that
grabbed his camera was big.
I didn't even take a shot of it.
I was quite worried for Jett...."

Alex Mustard
March 15, 2006
(Wetpixel Blog)