Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wild Salmon Are Sacred - Get Out Migration!

Wild Pacific salmon stocks are endangered due to the impact of salmon farms on wild fish and ecosystems. There are some true blue grass root initiatives being actively promoted by British Columbia residents, Anissa Reed and Alexandra Morton of www.salmonaresacred.org

Check out their website for more information. The following posters highlight some of the good work these two guardians of the wild salmon are doing to draw attention to the plight of wild Pacific salmon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remember when sex was safe... and diving was dangerous?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

40 Sites That Will Help You Become A Scuba Diver

Apparently, this site is one among the 40 listed...

"Hello, we just wanted to let you know that we have listed your site http://jettbritnell.blogspot.com/ in the article 40 Sites That Will Help You Become A Scuba Diver."

You can see the article at: http://www.onlinecertificateprograms.org/blog/2010/40-sites-that-will-help-you-become-a-scuba-diver/

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seas of Plastic - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

My friend, Gary Bridges, sent out an email today suggesting that people should Google the name "Capt. Charles Moore" and check out the two online videos that he has released. Here are the links:



Some have dubbed it the world’s largest “landfill” – actually a huge water-bound swath of floating plastic garbage that is twice the size of stated of Texas. Trapped in an enormous slow whirlpool called the Pacific Gyre, a mostly stagnant, plankton-rich seascape spun of massive competing air currents, this Great Pacific Garbage Patch in some places outweighs even the surface waters’ biomass six-to-one.

The following animation shows how the Pacific Ocean's currents flow:


For more information, go to the Algalita Marine Research Foundation's website:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jett Britnell Photographics Magazine Ad - Depth Magazine March 2010

Depth Magazine Continues To Honor My Work!

After a very busy day today, I was delighted to open my emails and find that Depth Magazine has once again selected one of my images as a cover shot for their March/April 2010 issue.

Check it out at http://www.depthmagazine.ca Registration is free.