Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grand Canyon SKYWALK ~ 4,000 feet above the Colorado River!

During our recent visit to Las Vegas, we took off on a day trip to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Located at Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, the Grand Canyon Skywalk opened to the public on March 28th, 2007. Sturdy enough to hold the weight of a dozen fully loaded 747’s, and strong enough to withstand winds up to 100mph, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a unique U-shaped glass-bottomed cantilever bridge that spans 70 feet (21.34 meters) over the Grand Canyon’s rim and sits 4,000 feet (1219 meters) above the Colorado River.

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West has quickly become one of the best day trip destinations from Las Vegas, NV and Kingman, AZ and has become the most recognizable cantilever structure in the world. While the Skywalk offers a truly amazing experience, be forewarned that the owners do not allow you to take pictures while standing on the bridge. There are photographers there to take your picture for posterity, for a hefty fee, of course.

Would we go back? Yes, for the first time experience, but would not return for a second visit due to their draconian policy of banning cameras and cell phones on the bridge.

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geotommy said...

The raven photo reminded me right away of a Carlos Castanada book I once read. Great work! Tom Richardson Victoria BC