Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jett Britnell Lands Lead Role In TV’s Ocean Hunt

Hollywood, August 22, 2010 ~ After months of auditioning actors and scuba divers, producers of Ocean Hunt, a new adventure series on the FOX network, have decided that underwater photographer, Jett Britnell, will have the chance to play the lead character, Napoleon Nelson, an ex-Navy Seal turned diving photojournalist who juggles the trials and tribulations of working as a big time undersea adventurer with the never ending obstacles that get in the way of maintaining a solid marriage (His scuba diving wife will be played by action thespian, Angelina Jolie).

“We auditioned Jett about five times,” said executive producer and the show’s creator, Matt Damon. “We pretty much knew he was our guy but the people at the network weren’t sure, only because sometimes you don’t know if he’ll just phone it in with his laptop.  He often brandishes a Macbook Pro like a spear gun. Still, there’s a certain lovable charm to him that’s undeniable.”

Other actors that auditioned for the part were Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Pee Wee Herman, Jamie Foxx and Hilary Swank.  Joining Jett on the show will be the great comedic actors, Zach Galifianakis and Betty White. Both will play diving sidekicks helping Jett (or Napoleon) flesh out his editorial assignments so they exceed the expectations of their workaholic man’s man boss, who will be portrayed by Damon himself.

According to Damon, the premise to the show came to him in a dream, one in which he was embroiled in an underwater knife fight when all of a sudden he came up with the title for a show and Ocean Hunt popped into his head out of nowhere. When he woke up, he wrote the name of the show on a pad he keeps by the side of his bed and later that day, he pitched the idea to the network.

Damon also claims he hadn’t even thought about casting Jett in the part. Apparently, Jett’s first audition was the one that won Damon over, after showcasing his storytelling abilities he has been famous for over the years. “He’s like an old young Jacques Cousteau,” said Damon. “He can dive to any depth. It’s like he’s made of Trimix. It’s been a long time since there’s been someone like that on television. I think this show will put an end to reality television and bring the adventure series back for good.”

Jett, who was reached for comment, only had this to say about his new job: “Banana pancake anyone?”