Monday, August 2, 2010

It Was 20 Years Ago! ~ Fisheye View Magazine


August 1990 – It was early in my diving photojournalism career when I received a call from  the editors/publishers Rob & Robin Burr of FISHEYE VIEW Magazine. Back then this was an upstart new diving magazine on the block that was hell bent on giving the traditional bigger diving magazines a run for their advertising buck. FISHEYE actually gave a start to quite a few diving photojournalists whose names are now commonplace in the diving world. Anyway, Robin Burr contacted me to ask if I would consider going to Vanuatu for them on a magazine assignment? "Hell, yeah!", I said.

I felt honored, as up to this point, I only had three published articles in three diving magazines to my credit along with two magazine cover shots.  Anyway, Robin stated they recently had to pay a stock agency for some underwater images because the writer/photographer team they had just sent to Australia came back with a nice story, but their pictures were crap. She went on to say that both my writing and photography were great! Her parting words were, "Bring us back a great story!"

Well, as it turned out, I did just that. My words and images were given feature treatment in the magazine and I also snagged the magazine's cover shot; a vertical image of a chromodoris nudibranch. Another wide angle image of mine was selected to be used in an advertisement for both the charter operator and Sea & See Travel's full page ad.  My article and cover shot in FISHEYE was also printed as a handout that was circulated at the Diving Equipment & Manufacturers Association (DEMA) that year, which resulted in several other overseas assignments for me.

Bob Bowdy, the dive operator, commented, "The response from Jett’s article in FISHEYE VIEW was much greater than we had hoped for. We feel this is entirely due to the quality of the article. If as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this was an eloquent article to say the least."

So, all in all, a truly rewarding and memorable experience.