Sunday, August 1, 2010

Straight Information About Hawaii Shark Attacks and the Risk To Humans

Shark Attack Hawaii 
Thriller movies portray sharks as ferocious predators that aggressively attack and kill innocent swimmers. The truth is much less exciting--or dangerous. The chances of a Hawaii shark attack are extremely low.

Sharks are not unpredictable, deranged killers. Rather, sharks play an essential part in the ocean's balance by removing the weak and sick from marine animal populations.

Basic Facts About Hawaii Shark Attacks
Tiger sharks are responsible for most Hawaii shark attacks on humans. This large shark species regularly eats human-size prey.

When seen from below, swimmers and surfboarders are perhaps mistaken for the fat bodies of sea turtles–a favorite treat for sharks. Splashing creates irregular ripples in the water below, which entice the shark to attack an apparently injured animal.

The most common type of Hawaii shark attack is the so-called "hit and run" assault. This shark attack, a quick bite and release, whereupon the shark disappears, is usually a case of mistaken identity. Because humans not part of a shark's normal diet, we are quickly abandoned for better prey. These shark attacks usually cause leg injuries below the knee and are rarely fatal.