Thursday, September 9, 2010

Andy Lamb - Coastal Fishes Of The Pacific Northwest

Kathryn and I attended a talk in Vancouver by Andy Lamb tonight.  Andy along with underwater photographer, Phil Edgell, have recently released a newly revamped 2nd edition of Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest. The book costs about $30 and is a “must have” if you dive in the Pacific Northwest.

With great wit and humour, Andy entertained us with his views on marine conservation, what changes have ocuured since his first edition of Coastal Fishes was published in 1986. Very entertaining and refreshingly enlightening views from a man who has been diving in British Columbia's Emerald Sea since 1967.

Andy and his wife wife, Virginia, operate a B&B on Thetis Island, BC, called the Cedar Beach Ocean Lodge

You can order his latest book from Amazon Books  Link