Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vancouver Canucks Green Men Vs Nashville Predators

May 7th 2011 - Kathryn and I attended Game 5 of the Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators Stanley Cup Semi-Final on Saturday Night.  While the Canucks went down to defeat, the infamous "Green Men" provided a few laughs for all in attendance a few days after a complaint was filed with the NHL, asking the Vancouver Canucks' "Super Fans" to tone it down, according to a report.

From Canadian Press:
"Sully and Force, who wear full neon green bodysuits, have been asked to stop touching the glass and doing handstands. The popular paying fans usually sit close to the Canucks' opponents in downtown Rogers Arena and their act has been described as a circus sideshow."

Needless to say, Vancouver Canucks fans support the Green Men! They even have their own website: Green Men