Sunday, July 17, 2011

INXS ~ The Original Sin Tour July 16, 2011.


July 16, 2011 -  River Rock Casino, Richmond, BC: “Ahhhhhhhh, elegantly wasted.”  Today was just another rainy day on Canada’s wet coast. Dropped off some dry cleaning, got some scuba tanks filled and picked up my new Liquivision Xeo dive computer.  Afterwards, we enjoyed an intimate dinner for two at a French bistro in Vancouver that garners great reviews with a beautiful wife whom I’m engaged in a torrid inter-marital affair, Then we rocked away the evening at the River Rock Casino with, INXS, one of Australia’s most successful rock exports.

INXS continues to perform to sold-out audiences worldwide. With the release of their latest album, Original Sin, the band reinvented their biggest hits with guest vocalists. However, J.D. Fortune was again front and center as their lead singer for this tour. 

While I never saw INXS perform with their founding lead singer, Michael Hutchence, I have seen them twice now with J.D. who does a wonderful job fronting the band.. Seeing INXS in a venue that seats approximately 1,000 is pure joy. This band ROCKS live! My wife, Kathryn, was all smiles. Thanks boys, that was a great gig!

Here are some images I shot along with a You Tube video that someone else shot during the show: