Sunday, December 4, 2011

Broughton Islands Cruising Guide: A New Book By Peter Vassilopoulos.

Peter Vassilopoulos, former publisher of Canada’s DIVER Magazine, has released an updated version of “Broughton Islands Cruising Guide”, one of his popular boating guidebooks. To celebrate its arrival, Peter and his wife, Carla, held an informal book launch/social at their home in Tsawwassen today. 
Peter has long been an avid boater and has authored several Pacific Northwest boating guidebooks. I first met Peter & Carla over two decades ago when they added me to DIVER Magazine’s masthead as a contributing editor. Peter & Carla became good friends who always lent support and encouragement as I learned the craft of writing scuba diving magazine editorial. I was happy to contribute three photos to Peter’s latest book and welcomed the opportunity for Kathryn to finally meet them today.
“Broughton Islands Cruising Guide” is available at many local bookstores and Amazon at: