Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Cozumel - The Gifts Are Underwater!

Palancar Reef is Cozumel’s most famous diving attraction with massive housed-sized coral buttresses. Palancar’s reef structure is comprised of a three and a half mile long stretch of patch reefs, sand channels, impressive drop-offs and towering coral ramparts, the peaks of which rise to within 60 to 100 feet of the surface.  The walls of these monolithic edifices are honeycombed with tunnels, ballroom-sized caverns and passageways.  Look over the edge of Palancar’s abyssal drop-off and you will be gazing at the Undersea Temple of the Mayan Gods, the 3,000 foot ocean trench that separates Cozumel from the Yucatan Peninsula.
 Juvenile Spotted Drum - They're a bitch to photograph!
Nassau Grouper - famed underwater photographer, Stephen Frink, kindly commented on this image: "Outstanding composition, Jett. Makes you want to be there."
 Palancar Reef
 Splendid Toadfsh - they are indigenous to Cozumel and not easy to find.
 Kathryn's photo of Jett at work.
 Kathryn diving Palancar Reef.
 Kathryn diving Palancar Reef.