Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Vancouver, My Name Is Prince. Are You Ready For Me?" Apparently, We're NOT!!!

While many in the audience were deliriously excited with what Prince was delivering on stage at Rogers Arena last night, I gotta say he fell well short of our expectations. And, I know, I'm not alone in that opinion given the negative reviews voiced by others during his "Welcome 2 Canada" Tour.

What a disappointing performance from someone of his caliber. I would highly recommend that Prince takes in a Taylor Swift concert as soon as possible to witness a true star who respects and appreciates their fans. Miss Swift puts on a show that WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. Regretfully, last night was my first... and LAST... Prince concert.

Absolute highlight of the evening last night was having a pre-show dinner with Kathryn at the Black & Blue Restaurant on Alberni Street. Great food, wonderful atmosphere, and the prettiest view of all, my darling wife!

Prince, here's what I'm ready for. I'm ready for you to reimburse us $123 Canadian dollars for having to witness the PRETENTIOUS train wreck you were trying to sell at Rogers Arena last night. Dinner with my wife is happily on me.