Saturday, July 21, 2012

“Come in,” She Said, “I’ll Give You Shelter From The Storm.”

July 21, 2012: Five years ago today, when blackness was a virtue and the road ahead seemed full of mud, who struts into my life but the woman who has turned out to be both my best friend, and my one true love. I truly don’t think I could speak so endlessly positive about anyone else on this planet as much as I can about, my wife, Kathryn. The writer in me knows there are not enough words in any language that could fully describe her essence. Her love, warmth, compassion and charity towards others have no border, nor boundaries. She is the mother my son, Danen, deserved to have in his life and she cares about him as a mother does for a baby that she bares. I could not be luckier. I could not be happier. Tonight, I will toast and celebrate our good fortune with this remarkable woman and indulge in some fine dining at a fancy shmancy French restaurant in Vancouver that has become one of our guilty pleasures. These are, the best of times!