Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today Is Kathryn Britnell's Birthday!

A big shout out for my lovely wife, Kathryn, as today is Whooo Hoooo, her BIRTHDAY!!! (insert the sound of champagne corks popping everywhere). 

Okay, so you already received your presents early this year ;). Soooooo...I have to do something. Maybe something small like change our picture on Facebook today to one of me from the early 90s when I was ohhh, I dunno, 30-ish?  And Voila! You did say if you knew me back then you would have "totally hit that" so it seemed appropriate to post it just for you on your birthday.

Also, you know how I can be singing some obscure song in the morning and then you tell me later in the evening that it played in your head over and over throughout zee day. Today's song is the Beatles Birthday song. (Que the video). I dont know what the poster is talking about as this cut is from their White Album.

Anyhoo, what baby wants, baby gets. We indeed have dinner reservations tonight for 7PM at Horizons. And yes, as I do at every restaurant, I've boldly requested their most romantic table for two. What else??? Perhaps we learn how to do the Argentine Tango sometime, or when we are in Paris in August we stroll over to the Pont des Arts bridge (aka the lovers bridge) and put a padlock on the railing with our names on it then toss away the key (I think the French translation is, "how to get rid of a prefectly good padlock in Paris").

Strawberries, cherries, and an angel's kiss in spring. Livin' la Vida Loca with you is really made from all these things. Have an utterly faboosh birthday! And hey... enjoy today's song ;) XOXO