Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day To My Wife, Kathryn!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my uber sweet wife, Kathryn! Last summer when we were in Paris, I took her to the Pont des Arts bridge, otherwise known as, the “lover’s bridge.” It is here several years ago that love-struck sweethearts began locking padlocks onto the chain link fence of the Pont des Arts, which crosses from the left bank to the Louvre museum. The love padlocks, called cadenas d’amour, have since multiplied to the point where there are thousands of these love tokens, each engraved with a message of love, locked to the bridge’s chain link fence. After locking the love padlock to a chain link or another lock, it is customary for the lovers to toss the keys into the Seine River as a sign of their eternal devotion. It is also believed if the lovers kiss each other while on this bridge, they’ll be happy together forever.