Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wild Salmon Are Sacred - Get Out Migration!

Wild Pacific salmon stocks are endangered due to the impact of salmon farms on wild fish and ecosystems. There are some true blue grass root initiatives being actively promoted by British Columbia residents, Anissa Reed and Alexandra Morton of www.salmonaresacred.org

Check out their website for more information. The following posters highlight some of the good work these two guardians of the wild salmon are doing to draw attention to the plight of wild Pacific salmon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jeff! We will not be able to bring reason to this situation unless people realize no one can do this for them. Ottawa does not see the value of wild salmon and farm salmon are more convenient as they don't need rivers. So unless there is a massive peaceful movement the politicians will do what is easiest for them. Please make yourself visible by walking with us, signing our petition and writing on our wall. This has gone on too long,


Anissa Reed said...

Hey Jett
thanks ... it was people with spirit and passion like you have for this environment that really meant something to me all those years on the water.. Its so amazing out there I hope we can help people realize just how much and how important wild salmon are.
Cheers and a big hug