Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do Travel Writers Go To Hell? ~ Just My 2 Cents On A Great Book

It seems that I’m only able to catch up on my reading during long cross country flights between Vancouver’s International Airport and far away destinations.

During my most recent flight, I found myself chuckling to the Hunter S. Thompson-esque bawdy misadventures as penned by travel writer, Tom Kohnstamm., in his book, "Do Travel Writers Go To Hell?"

One could well wonder if travel writers go to hell after the author highly entertains his readers with his experiences while he journeyed in Brazil on assignment for Lonely Planet Guide Books. Mr. Kohnstamm’s well-written book exposes the seedy underbelly of travel writing with sharp wit, self-deprecating humor, and freewheeling depravity that kept me page turning right up to when the plane taxied to the gangway. Pass the rum baby and pour me a glass... this is a killer read!