Saturday, June 26, 2010

BEWARE!: "NAUI’s Unethical Underwater Photo Contest Rights Grab"

A warning to underwater photographers around the world to steer clear of an annual underwater photo contest that is sponsored by NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors). The rules of this photo competition contain a clause that is designed to acquire “perpetual, non-exclusive rights to use the photo in any way, including but not limited to advertising and promotional use.” This single clause, from a respected dive training agency no less, is nothing more than an attempt to dupe unsuspecting underwater photographers into surrendering all rights to their image.

Well, the proverbial shit hit the fan when Jason Heller of, fired off a formal complaint to NAUI about the unethical image rights clause in their photo contest rules. A seemingly unrepentant Jed Livingstone of NAUI responded to Jason with some rather disparaging remarks stating “They don’t have to enter if they don’t want to.” You can read the written exchange between Heller & Livingstone at Scubaboard:

Bravo Jason Heller for spearheading this matter and a big “shame on you!” to Jed Livingstone and NAUI. All underwater photographers should “BOYCOTT NAUI's PHOTO CONTEST” until they rescind their photo contest's “copyright rights grab” clause.