Friday, August 20, 2010

Urticina Piscivor ~ The Fish Eating Tealia Anemone

In British Columbia, Fish Eating Tealia Anemones can be found within kelp forests or upon rocky reefs. There are several species, each slightly different from the other as its tentacles can be either solid white or a solid red color.  Planktonic organisms and anything small enough that falls into the grasp of this anemone's tentacles are unlikely to escape.

True to its common name, this strikingly colored, dinner-plate sized  anemone employa its strong tentacles to catch small fish or shrimp. Growing to about 8" to 10" in diameter (20 - 25 cm), the Fish Eating Anemone is not a predator to all fishes.  It actually provides some protection for one small fish, the Painted Greenling.  Much like clownfish do in typical host anemones, Painted Greenlings have been observed lying unharmed in this anemone.

While I’ve yet to photograph a Painted Greenling lounging on this anemone, my undersea search shall continue.