Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coming Next Month... Northwest Dive News October 2010

 Editor, Rick Stratton had this to say about the next issue...

Vanuatu: Bali Ha'i in the South Pacific

Have you ever danced with a Fire gobie in the pale moon light? Jett has, and he wants to tell you about diving in one of the most beautiful places this planet has to offer. Tell anyone that you've been diving in Vanuatu and their vague response is likely to be something along the lines "Sounds fantastic! Ahhh...where in the world is Van-a-what-tu?" Even experienced travel agents are sometimes stymied when it comes to pinpointing Vanuatu's geographic whereabouts. Find out about corals, cuttlefish, and what else this mythical place of diving has to offer! (By the way, it's located east of Australia and west of Fiji - for those not near a map.)