Friday, October 1, 2010

The Shark-Free Marina Initiative

A very worthy cause whose goal is to reduce worldwide shark mortality.

Registered 'Shark-Free' marinas participate in a voluntary program under which they agree to prohibit sharks from being harvested at their facility. Working in tandem with businesses and fishermen we develop sensible protocols under which threatened species of shark are permitted to recover and replenish their stocks. We also work with policy makers at Local, State and Federal levels to create and enforce community conscious policy and increase the awareness of the need to protect our sharks and our ocean.

Currently between 60 and 100 million sharks are slaughtered worldwide each year. This massive cull of apex predators is unsustainable and poses a serious threat to the oceans health. Over the last 5 years the recreational fishery in the United States has harvested an average of ½ a Million sharks per year, removing them from an already struggling breeding population. Shark-Free Marinas will reduce the mortal take of sharks and encourage responsible use of our ocean.