Monday, February 18, 2013

Whoo Hoo!, Our Budweiser Hockey Red Light Arrived Today.

"With just a beer light to guide us..." Whoo Hoo!, our Budweiser Hockey Red Light arrived today. This clever replica goal light can be synced to your favourite team, or teams. It will flare and a horn will blare whenever your team puts one in the net, even if you’re not actually watching the hockey game. Fortunately, you can adjust the volume on the buzzer because at full volume it would surely wake up the neighbors. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Dinner at stately Britnell Manor tonight!

A diabolical Yeeehahaha for a plan that comes together :) Two dozen white and pink roses and spa therapy foam bath for the lovely Mrs. Britnell not to be outdone by Iron Chef Jett's amazeballs menu for Valentine's Dinner at stately Britnell Manor tonight!


Happy Valentine's Day - "I Just Love The Wife I've Got!"

"Happy Valentine's Day!", to my Über sexy, utterly amazing wife, Kathryn! Paul Anka may have penned the following lyrics, but I'm living them with you. Every night, and every day! XOXO

"About as sacred as a hymn.
And a Bible full of prayers.
From a whisper to a roar.
Very much, and even more.

And I shall show it with my eyes.
And I will share it with the night.
If in death, the good Lord is kind.
You'll be the last thing on my mind."

~ Do I Love You - by Paul Anka

Friday, February 8, 2013

Row B - An Evening With Martin Short!

Comedic brilliance! Martin Short killed it as the host for the The Vancouver Comedy & Arts Festival's opening gala. Here’s the comedic genius at work in the “Royal Family Doctor” skit when he hosted Saturday Night Live in December 2012. Martin kicks the skit into high gear at the 1.04 minute mark.