Saturday, November 9, 2013

Artifacts From The Princess Sophia Shipwreck May Recieve Some Protection!

Well, it appears people actually do read our underwater stories.

I received an email earlier today from the Explorations Director at the Underwater Archaeological Society of BC (UASBC). They are working with a group in Alaska with a view to establishing an UASBC like group to survey and protect their shipwreck resources. Apparently, a friend in Juneau contacted them after reading my article about diving Alaska’s S.S. Princess Sophia Shipwreck. 

In this article, I made mention that one of the divers in our group came across a rotting trunk containing some glass photographic plates with images of people. The Alaskan friend happens to be a member of the Alaska Maritime History Society and involved with the Alaska State Museum. They are concerned that given the degree of diving that occurs on the Sophia the glass negatives could be at risk. The Alaska State Museum is excited about the find and feels that the plates could be very important artifacts to the history of Alaska.

I have put them in touch with a fellow diver who actually discovered the trunk as they want to learn more about the glass negatives and their condition. Hopefully, something good comes from this.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TeaGala's Creme Earl Grey Tea Blend Rocks!

A few years ago while we were in Chicago to present some seminars at the Our World Underwater Dive Show, we were delighted to discover a tea blend called Crème Earl Grey at a trendy downtown tea emporium. I was immediately hooked! However, I've since learned that while they may carry the same name, not all tea blends are exactly the same. In fact, some Crème Earl Grey tea blends we’ve tried were vastly inferior to the memorable taste experience I enjoyed in Chicago. After sampling five or six Crème Earl Grey blends from different tea merchants over the past year, we finally found THE ONE! Well, that's what being married to a Tea Empress will get ya.  Savoring a cuppa now...

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Morning Smile.

November 4, 2013: "You have visited some amazing places, captured amazing images and scared the hell out of small creatures."
Rob Burr
Reporter, National Rum Examiner
Publisher, Rob's Rum Guide
Editor, Great Gables Guide

This was Rob Burr's comment on my Facebook Timeline this morning. I have known Rob Burr and his wife, Robin, for about 25 years. When they were the owners, publishers, and editors for Fisheye View Magazine, they sent me on my first overseas editorial assignment to Vanuatu. So nice that we have kept in touch all these years...

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm A Lucky Fella, And I Just Gotta Tell Her That I Love Her Endlessly!