Wednesday, September 2, 2015

 I leave tomorrow to join Oriana Kalama on an OCEAN DEFENDER - Hawaii Research Expedition in Tahiti aboard a Polynesian sailing canoe (pictured below) with the Faafaite - Tahiti Voyaging Society.

In Tahiti, it is legal to swim with humpback whales. While this will be a large focus of this expedition, it is not the only part. We will also be immersed in Tahitian culture, traditions, songs, marine life, sacred places, the people and stories. This may also be the first time offered to the public (certainly, a very rare opportunity) to learn the masterful art of Polynesian ocean navigation.

The Weather Gods will smile upon us. The Humpback whales are there. Tahiti is beckoning.
Looking forward to meet all the other expedition team members who will also share in this magnificent adventure. Feeling blessed & amazed.